Sunnyside United Neighbors, Inc. (SUNI) was formed in 1991 as part of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Plan, a process that brought stakeholders together to identify problems and collaborate on solutions.

Sunnyside’s neighborhood plan is now decades old, yet the vision neighbors and local business and property owners came up with is still relevant today:

“Residents of Sunnyside envision a neighborhood that is safe, beautiful and clean. They see a neighborhood that is inviting for families, with good schools and nice parks. They would like to see the commercial areas cleaned up and improved, bustling with activity, and the industrial area thrive to create new jobs.

The vision for Sunnyside includes neat and tidy homes. Streets are tree lined and there is no evidence of trash or graffiti. The parks are clean and safe, and children can walk safely to them. There is no problem with gangs, because kids have sufficient recreational activities and their energies are directed in a positive way.

There is a desire among residents to promote the diversity of their neighborhood. Houses are a mix of architectural styles – old and new, big and small, brick and frame. People of many different cultures and several generations live together harmoniously. There is a vision among the residents that, someday, the rest of Denver will realize how positive that diversity can be. Sunnyside and northwest Denver will be valued for it’s diversity which gives it character and charm.

The vision for Sunnyside is one of a close knit community where neighbors help neighbors with an active neighborhood association where people volunteer their time and resources to help improve the neighborhood. Members are informed and active in local issues, they help each other out because they know and care for each other, and they are committed to their community.

Someday there will be a revitalization of Denver neighborhoods. People will realize that living close to downtown means being that much closer to civic and cultural affairs. Urban neighborhood.”


Read the plan here

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