Denver is in the midst of a building boom. As the city evolves, neighborhoods have tools that can be used to guide the quality and type of growth. These tools are called overlay districts. Denver’s zoning code offers four types of overlay districts.  Overlay districts add a finer grained level if detail to base zone districts through incentives, as well as design and development standards.  These tools promote healthy community objectives like affordable housing and neighborhood character.
Over the summer, SUNI PCD Committee initiated an exploration of potential overlay districts for our neighborhood. The committee identified three neighborhood subareas with distinct overlay district considerations: 1. transit station/activity center, 2. main street corridor,  and 3. residential neighborhood. Over the next three months the SUNI PCD Committee and Councilman Espinoza will host a total of three workshops, one for each of the subareas. We will use these opportunities to gather neighborhood input that informs the creation of  Sunnyside overlays. Our goal is to develop draft overlay districts during the fall and to begin the text and map amendment process at the beginning of 2019.
What do you like about new development in our neighborhood and around Denver (or other cities)? What don’t you like? What is important to you as our neighborhood evolves? Come to these interactive workshops prepared to share your thoughts and ideas with your neighbors, and learn about options for design and development standards to promote our neighborhood’s character and sustainable growth. Our transit station and activity center subarea will be the topic of the first workshop. Join us on August 29 at 6:00 at the District 1 Police Station (on 46th between Navajo and Lipan).

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