Please don’t forget the next SUNI Planning & Community Development Committee meeting:
When: Monday, 7 July, 7PM to 8:30 PM
Where: Denver Police District 1 Substation Community Room (~ 46th Ave. & Lipan)

Below is the list of presenters/guests, together with the agenda. We’ve asked the presenters to be succinct, and we’ll try to get through all the presentations before starting with questions and discussion. Several local business owners will also be in attendance.


  • Emily Silverman, Associate City Planner, Public Works
  • Chris Pacheco, Project Manager, Public Works
  • Patricia Miers, PKM Design Group, Inc. West 38th Ave Underpass at Inca Street
  • Pyle, Michelle A — Denver CPD — Brad Buchanan’s office
  • Kevin Flynn, RTD
  • Maggie Thompson and Jenn Hughes from Susan Shepard’s office

Agenda Items

  1. Introduce the first 3 guests who are working with the $2 million budget for:
    41st and Inca area:

    1. lighting, curb, gutters, streets, drainage – Public Works — Emily Silverman
    2. 41st & Inca 12 foot pathway — Public Works — Chris Pacheco
    3. 38th Ave Underpass — PKM design Group -Patricia Miers will answer aesthetic questions
      Total for all 3 will be about 30 minutes
  2. Community Concerns 41st & Inca area — Michelle Pyle — CPD – 10 minutes
  3. Kevin Flynn, RTD, to answer questions — no presentation
    RTD is responsible for the bridge only — 2015 completion — 2016 station open – 10 minutes –
  4. DISCUSSION — 30 minutes — questions and answers
  5. Maggie and Jenn from Susan Shephard’s office — not presenting; answering questions only


Possible agenda for August 4th meeting — Types of improvement districts for 41st & Inca area

New Action Items

  1. Vote vote on 38th Ave Underpass color — gray or brown — Patti’s handout
  2. Next meeting August 4th — types of improvement districts to be considered. Other possible subjects include the City’s recently published TOD planning for new passenger rail stations ( Committee regulars and Sunnyside neighbors may also find this new development of interest (h/t Matt Robinson): Follow-up note from the June meeting: The Board of Adjustment granted the variance requested by Tim & Jessica Thwaites for 3957 Zuni. The Committee had voted to support the variance appeal, and the Board had a letter to that effect from us.

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