Fox Island Update – Chandler Van Schaak from Denver CPD member gave an update on the 41 st & Fox Stattion – many completions around bike /ped bridges and lanes.

– Major steps to still go – issues around parking – min/max parking. There are some major challenges to this project – deficient roadways, missing multi modal infrastructure, difficulty to create new roadway connections, limited right of way. Aggressive parking management and Travel demand management (TDM) will be the key tools to manage the area.

– Tentative completion of the “Next Step Study” – Jan 2020 – this study will give recommendation to the city of how it can accomplish its goals about this project.

– Also, Rules and regulations will be adopted by Nov’18.

– There will be zoning overlay that will apply for this area, to set forth max amount of parking allowed for new developments ( instead of parking minimums).

– Parking and curb lane management various strategies, like time limits, paid parking, parking permits, passenger loading , car share, bike parking

Denver CPD will follow patterns and document demand once the station opens, and will then enforce rules. Ex: If a street is occupied by more than 75% of non residents, there will be some kind of rule applied – they document occupancy at 3 am, and then at 9 am to determine usage.

The Public review of the Maximum Parking limits will be a place where the public can provide input about concerns and suggestions in connection to these plans.  – 11-14-18


3947 Zuni Street Appeal for an ADU – didn’t show up

Leaver Market Update – construction started this week. Leever supermarkets have been around for 80 years, employee owned company. Store concept – create a community hub for foodies.Looking to open late 4Q18-early 1Q19, be established by Spring’19. They are a discount grocery store, and will try to offer competitive pricing. They are planning to host Farmers Market in the parking lot.

Xcel Tower Update – on the Agenda

Overlay project review – Kathrine gave an update of the Overlay meeting which happened earlier this month.

– Height limits is one of the things that will be an issue to agree upon.

– 44th should be off the table to get to the Transit station, it will probably be 46th or 47th.

– The other thing that came out of the meeting is green space, and concerns about it – we need to see much more green space.

– The redevelopment of the DHA property will give us some options to consolidate green space, and preserve density of building. ULI ( Urban Land Institute) is working with DHA on how to utilize the space best, and has made some good recommendations. ULI will finish their study by 2020, and DHA is looking at a timeline past that, about 5 year time frame from now.

– SUNI PCDC should be done with the overlay suggestions and a Draft by Dec, and then submit to the city in Jan’19. And then it will probably take 6-8 months to generate the actual maps overlay by the city.

– There will be another project initiated by the city, called – the Neighborhood Planning Initiative, that will be happening after the Overlay project is completed.

– It will be great to get a feed back on how to run the next workshop sessions

Upcoming Overlay Workshops (6pm): Sep 26 – Main street corridors; Oct 24 – Residential


Adjourn: 8:35pm

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