Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder, we are not going to have a PCD Committee Meeting this month as there are no issues that need immediate attention.  I will send out an update soon just to keep everyone in the loop.  Next meeting is March 11th at 7pm.  Site is to be determined.
We are looking for people to serve as voting members on this committee (not just interested neighbors!)  The only requirements are that you attend 80% of the meetings throughout the year and also to pick something about Sunnyside that you feel needs some improvement and devote a bit of time to that interest.  Things like beautification, traffic and transportation, zoning and development, etc.  This involvement may involve doing some research on a topic and presenting at the meetings, organizing a group of neighbors for things like a clean-up project (if you are that ambitious!), etc.  Those sort of things.  This committee is just getting back up and running, so there is plenty of room for ideas!  Committee Members will get voting privileges at the meetings (or by email if a quorum is not met at a meeting).  This is a great way to get involved with your neighborhood (and on occasion see how it fits in the big picture of Denver as a whole) and keep Sunnyside an amazing place to call home!
Thank you all for your time.  I’m looking forward to working with all of you and making this a productive committee!
Have a great night!
Mark Stroh, PCD Committee Chair