SUNI Committees are where, as the old saying goes, the rubber meets the road. Committees are made up of volunteers who love helping the community and meeting some neighbors in the process! Committees are always looking for volunteers who have time and energy and ideas. The best place to get involved is to join a committee and try to make a difference.

If you would like to volunteer to help a committee, please contact Jennifer (

PCD (Planning & Community Development) Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Niles Emerick and Bill Hare

The SUNI PCD Committee serves the citizens of Sunnyside by representing the neighborhood with regard to planning and zoning matters between its residents, the city, RTD, developers and neighborhood business owners. The principal role of the committee is to advise and consult on zoning, planning and development matters as they affect Sunnyside, its residents and its future.  If you are planning a project for your property or have a zoning matter, this is also for you.

The committee meets at 7PM on the 2nd Thursday of every month and is always welcoming of new, interested members from the community. (Locations may vary, please see our Events page for details.)

Membership Committee

Committee Chairperson: Kari Goddard

The Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring our paying Members get their Annual Member Benefit card as well as increasing engagement and involvement from our neighbors.

Education Committee

Committee Chairperson: Matt Moses

The goal of the Education Committee is to create supportive relationships with neighborhood schools and provide parents with resources related to education in the neighborhood.  As a resource for parents, this committee could work on better connecting families around the neighborhood with activities, and supporting local students with projects, fundraising and mentorship.

We are hoping to renew this committee for the 2016 – 17 board year.  Please consider taking the lead and working towards connecting neighbors and our schools!

Events Committee

Committee Chairperson: Jacob Wells

The Events Committee works on putting together SUNI Sippers, the Annual Pizza Party as well as other fundraising events.

Fundraising Committee

Committee Chairperson: Pashmina Lalchandani

The Fundraising Committee works on programs, marketing initiatives and ideas to raise money for SUNI and keep it financially healthy.

Website Committee

Committee Chairperson: Boone Riddle

We think the residents of Sunnyside deserve a place on the web where they can find information that is fresh, local and meaningful. We also think this neighborhood deserves a presence on the web that it can be proud of, and we gladly accept that challenge. This committee is not just for programmers, we welcome anyone and everyone who shares a common love for the internet and for the ‘hood. We don’t meet in person all that often, but we do communicate regularly via email. Please contact us if you would like to know more!

Newsletter Committee

Committee Chairperson: Michelle Davis

The SUNI newsletter aims to help aggregate key neighborhood information and events to share with individuals who desire to have their information delivered in a concise way or who do not prefer accessing information through social media, email or this website. Newsletters will be distributed at local organizations and to targeted individuals who indicate that the newsletter is the preferred means for them to receive information.

Business Membership Committee

Committee Chairperson: Michelle Davis

The Business Membership Committee maintains relationships with our Business Sponsors. Each year we reach out to renew and grow our business sponsorship base, and work with Sponsors to put together an Annual Member Benefit Card.

Sustainability Committee

Committee Chairperson: OPEN

The Sustainability Committee is a passive committee established to inform and encourage response by neighbors on sustainability/environmental issues as they arise. No meetings are planned at this time. Member communications will be by email only to advise on various environment-related topics, and individuals are encouraged to advise the committee of specific areas of interest.

Social Media Committee

Committee Chairperson: Mike Sipperly

The Social Media Committee maintains all social media communications.